User Environment Management

Today’s healthcare organizations face many unique challenges as they race to meet Meaningful Use criteria and other healthcare reforms. Additionally, preparing an outdated IT infrastructure to support the implementation of a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and the latest user devices are proving to be a monumental task for many healthcare organizations. By focusing on the needs of the user directly, rather than a desktop or device, User Environment Management (UEM) provides healthcare IT multiple solutions to meet today’s challenges as well as opportunities to improve patient care and increase operational efficiency.


What is UEM?

UEM ushers in a new era for healthcare IT, by decoupling users from devices, enabling users to work with whichever devices and applications will maximize their productivity, and fundamentally changing the economics of IT. Isolating user data enables IT to precisely administer users by device, location, or application. The user experience remains secure, predictable, and personalized, with bullet-proof reliability. IT can give users complete freedom of choice to use whichever devices suit them, and deploy a user-specific desktop to any device in any location at any time.

Spadafy is proud to partner with AppSense to deliver UEM and location based/rules based computing to help our customers decouple user experience from their underlying virtual or traditional PC computing environment.

Key Benefits of UEM

Faster clinician log-on times for critical systems
Improved workspace and application responsiveness
Increased user density for server-hosted workspaces and applications
Dynamic workspace configuration based on clinician location and context
Granular security and policy controls to support compliance